About Us

How Tag Bag was born

TAG BAG was truly an inspiration!
After my second miscarriage in January 2007,  I felt like a part of me  had died.  My sister, Cynthia, mentioned that she was trying to find a  cute temple bag and asked if I had any ideas.  I went to sleep thinking  about how I could design a cute temple bag.  Heavenly Father inspired me  for this new style made from beautiful fabric.

In the morning I bought some fabric and sewed my first TAG BAG.   I brought the temple bag to my mom's house and she said "Tonya, this is going to be something special!"

I have felt Heavenly Father's promptings and encouragement as I questioned whether this was what I should do with my time. 

  I felt prompted to apply to Swiss Days in Midway, Utah and felt  certain that I would be accepted.  When I opened the letter from Swiss  Days and saw that my application was denied and I was heartbroken.  How  could this happen when I felt so good about the decision to apply?  I  felt very frustrated that my prayers were not answered and questioned  whether I was doing what was right.

Thankfully, in June  I was put at the top of the wait list (thanks Sharolyn).

 I received a phone call in July and was offered the one and only  available spot.  I was truly humbled by this and felt Heavenly Father  reassuring me that all would be well.  So I took a leap of faith and had  4 seamstresses (Barbara, Michele, Wendy, and Carrie)  sewing for 5  weeks and they made 96 Tag Bags.  I sold all of them plus 28 custom  orders. 

 What a trial of faith to invest thousands of dollars into an idea and  pray that other women, like yourself, would believe in me!  My husband  has been very supportive and reassured me when I doubted.  I was  accepted into Swiss Days in 2009 and sold 170 Tag Bags.  I sold Tag Bags  for 2 additional years at Swiss Days.  Now I just sell them on this  website.

Thank you for believing in me!

After years of prayers and 4 miscarriages, we had our little miracle of Jessica Faith in July 2013. My prayer to you, is that we believe that all of us can be inspired and to take that step with our Heavenly Father into the unknown and see what beautiful things we can create, with His help! This has brought a new passion into my life. I hope you enjoy browsing the pages. Thank you for your patience and understanding and going on this journey of faith with me.